Going Indie: A Growing Fascination

Everywhere you look, you seem to be getting a sense that more and more people are becoming increasingly wary of anything that’s mainstream. Of course, you still see several people who are lining up to try out the next trend, but the fact remains that there appears to be a growing attitude that kind of rejects or hesitates upon the mainstream. In favor of what, you might ask? Well, very simply, in favor of something more underground, something that is today known as Indie (yes, that’s short for Independent).

Being interested in this Indie trend often means different things for different people, the same way that particular promo codes will vary in value and impact for various people as well. However, it cannot be denied that among the most important things to consider for anyone who is into indie is the fact that it is, primarily, a mindset. Thus, it seems right to ask: how then do you develop such a mindset?


How to ‘Think Indie’: Guiding Your Mindset

As most philosophers and psychologists would say, right doing begins in right thinking. Hence, if anyone wishes to be independent or indie in the way he or she lives his or her life, then such a life would have to begin in fostering the proper mindset. It’s much like how in order to buy stuff on sale, you need to have the right coupon codes on products first.

The first step to getting the indie mindset is to make sure that you stop yourself from caring too much about what other people might say. As it is, you probably were raised in an environment that always took other people’s opinions into account before making a certain decision, or before doing something. Well, to be indie means to do away with this concern for the opinion of others, and to just go ahead and do what feels right to you.

The second step is to try to rediscover things that are old or have otherwise been forgotten. This is important because the mainstream trend is to always go for that which is new or emergent. A person who would refuse to go with the crowd, therefore, would instead go the other direction and try to see the good in old things, things that are considered by many to be outdated. This way, the indie person becomes someone who does not see things the way everyone else sees them.

Third, you must be courageous enough to deviate from the norm. Don’t be afraid to go against what the bandwagon is doing. For instance, in things as seemingly insignificant as hair color, it would nonetheless be symbolically meaningful if you would choose an unconventional hair color, just to set yourself apart from the crowd.


At the end of the day, getting the right mindset is, and always will be, one of the very first and most important aspects of becoming and being indie. Without this ‘right’ frame of mind, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to truly live an independent life.

Jennifer Maidstone, Kent, UK

I’m happy to choose the indie lifestyle. I will never regret this choice that I have made. Even my music is proof of this life that I am truly happy about.

Marc Lester Oslo, Norway

What does it mean to truly be indie? What if I like some mainstream things, am I considered as not indie anymore?

Venice Portland, Oregon

Without a doubt, living the indie lifestyle will always be a great choice for me. Indie music is a beautiful thing, anytime, anywhere.

Kevin Oxford, England

Thank you for all the insights here on this blog. I have become even more inspired to take the road less travelled in living the indie lifestyle.

Jared Paris, France

Anyone who reads this blog will really be touched and will finally be convinced that there’s a lot of good to be had from living an indie lifestyle (and listening to indie music). Thank you very much for this.

Lyric Austin, Texas

My mom named me Lyric for a reason. I think my mom was the very first indie person in my life, and I’m really grateful to her for that. I’m happy that this blog reminded me of this heritage.

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