Deciding on Song Lyrics, the Indie Way


Often, indie artists are praised, not just for their instrumentation which is good enough, of course. Apart from the instrumentation, indie artists are also praised for their heartwarming and uplifting song lyrics. These lyrics are quite a far cry from the ‘emo’ and punk rock tradition that always seems to take off from themes such as self-immolation, abandonment, and other depressing song topics.

Indie music, on the other hand, always manages to leave a positive feeling for its listeners, especially for those who understand the indie culture. It’s a lot like how online shops like Lazada and Zalora may only be truly understood by those who love to shop online. But of course, if you should ever want to write your own songs as an aspiring indie artist, you need to pay attention to your lyrics, too. Here are some great tips.

Begin by writing about anything, except depressing themes.

As much as possible, indie lyricists stick to what is personal and real for them. So, be sure that you do the same. Remember to keep it real, as there is no use in trying to pretend to be someone you are not, especially since the indie culture is about being authentic. So go ahead, write what you want to write, you can go free verse, but it would be more lyric-friendly if you made the effort to rhyme, too.

Revise, revise, write

When you’re done writing anything you want to write, go over what you’ve written again and get rid of a line or two (or more) that do not fit the overall project. At best, you can simply shelve those lines for your next song idea. At worst, they could just be filed under ‘What Not to Say in Your Next Song Composition’. Either way, lesson learned, right?

Make definitive choices in your song structure.

Go over the lyrics one last time, and this time, finalize your song structure. Strengthen the chorus, figure out what works in the verses, decide on whether or not your song needs a verse. Pretty soon, you’ll notice the song begin to take shape.