Dressing Up Like an Indie Artist

Once you’ve got the mindset and the songs right, the next step is to perfect the look. Sure, you can just shrug this part off and tell the world that you don’t really need to look the part, especially when you’ve mastered the culture as well as the musical artistry. But hello, you can’t just barge in on anyone’s doors and claim you’re indie without really having the look to prove it.

No matter how much you might not like to admit it, the look is pretty important in today’s age for you to pull off any sort of advocacy. If you must think of it in a particular way, the look is what ‘seals the deal’ of any culture that you say you are espousing. Hence, if you are going to go around and call yourself an indie artist, then be sure you’re not scrimping on the outfits, dear. On the other hand, if you would like to look like an indie artist but you do not have an idea as to where you are supposed to begin or how, then here are a few steps you might like to apply.


Perfecting the Look of the Indie Musician

Consider your wardrobe as your avenue for self-expression. Sure, in buying your wardrobe pieces you can simply use a kode voucher promo Blibli, but using promo codes should not preclude your ability to express yourself in what you wear. Seen something that you think looks a little too crazy? Don’t be afraid to wear it to school. The sneers and negative feedback you’ll get are nothing compared to the honor of being true to who you are.

Remember to be wary of (or better yet, steer clear of) the big names in the fashion industry. Indie means independent, after all, and you certainly do not need the dictates of a giant breathing down your back, telling you what to buy. (The Zalora gift card promo code might be a great exception, though.) The goal is always to find unique pieces, and there’s no better source for this than your local thrift store.


Don’t be afraid to accessorize. As someone who’s living out the indie culture, it’s best to remember that there must not be an aspect to you that is out of place. Each piece you wear must be an extension of who you are, and thus, your accessories too, must speak of your uniqueness and your sense of self. If you need to, make your jewelry and other accessories yourself.

As you apply each of these tips, you will slowly realize that you have moved from being a mere trend follower (the way mobile phone addicts watch out for the latest promos from Sun Cellular recharge online), to being a real indie artist in his or her own right. There might be people who will question your fashion choices, of course, but never mind them. Your music and your authenticity will always be worth more than a thousand opinions put together.