How do you get the indie mindset?

The first step to getting the indie mindset is to make sure that you stop yourself from caring too much about what other people might say. As it is, you probably were raised in an environment that always took other people’s opinions into account before making a certain decision, or before doing something. Well, to be indie means to do away with this concern for the opinion of others, and to just go ahead and do what feels right to you.

What does it mean to get higher tastes?

Getting higher tastes means refusing to like something just because it’s what everyone else says is good or worth pursuing. This means that you ought to try and learn to look into something as it really is, not as others paint it out to be.

How do indie artists decide on song themes?

Indie artists usually choose positive themes. They determine their specific theme by looking into their own experiences. This helps to make the song writing process more personal than usual.

What’s a crucial step in writing song lyrics?

As much as possible, indie lyricists stick to what is personal and real for them. So, be sure that you do the same. Remember to keep it real, as there is no use in trying to pretend to be someone you are not, especially since the indie culture is about being authentic. So go ahead, write what you want to write, you can go free verse, but it would be more lyric-friendly if you made the effort to rhyme, too.

What role do accessories play in an indie person’s fashion statement?

Any truly indie person will be more than glad to admit that accessories constitute an important extension of his or her self-expression. Given this, it’s important to take time in accessorizing.

What’s the difference between the first listening and the second listening when writing an indie album review?

Your first listening should just be about enjoying everything that the album has to offer, while the next process is the part when you can finally take the album apart and analyze it.