How to Get into the Indie Culture

Yes, you definitely read that title right. Indie is more than just a label that you stick on other people when you find them weird. Nor is it some derogatory term for people that have been wrongly labeled as those who ‘just can’t fit in’ with the rest of society. Nope, contrary to what many people mistakenly believe, indie is so much more than a label. It is actually a legitimate and very rich culture and way of life. So, as anyone who has ever seen promo codes for the first time is bound to ask: how are you supposed to go about it?

indie music

Here are some precious tips for immersing yourself more in the indie culture.

First of all: level up your taste and learn to discern.

Everyone knows how extremely dull and unthinking mainstream culture can be. It’s the culture where people tend to just like things because everyone else likes them, without actively considering if these things are actually good in themselves.That’s how indie culture can seem subversive, because being indie means you take quality seriously. Of course everyone’s entitled to his or her own opinion of what’s good, but you should evaluate new things to think about whether you think they are actually good.

For instance, if you are a music lover, do not get stuck on just one genre of music for the rest of your life. You should also branch out into lesser known genres and explore other options. There is so much that indie music has to offer, especially because the entire industry is driven by passion rather than commercial success. This entire philosophy also extends to your work and professional life. If you are a web developer or web designer involved in cara membuat website, for example, you know the importance of having a website that is different from the norm. Be creative and try out new things.

Second: go after the that which lasts, not after that which is fleeting.

musicMost people will be glad to look for trends (and the latest coupon codes on products to back them up), but here’s the sad thing about trends: they never last more than a month or two. Indie people know that the key to staying relevant is in not holding on to trends, but instead, one must go after what has greater propensity to last. If you’re finding it difficult to digest this, think of how plain colored shirts never go out of style. That’s the game right there.

Third: don’t forget to get into indie music.

You see, indie doesn’t just mean independent. In the music industry, it also means independent music label. In this sense, then, you can see how acquainting yourself with non-mainstream music also helps significantly in letting you live the indie culture.