How to Go from an Unknown Indie Musician to a Professional Artist

indie music

All indie artists have dreams of making it big in their careers. They have aspirations of having their tunes played in music streaming apps and downloaded from the Apple store.

Earning a lot of money because of the pursuit of a passion is always a good thing. But indie artists practice and hone their craft for better reasons and it is not just because of money. It is more about writing great songs that can influence numerous lives and emotions. It is making a difference in the world that they live in.

Have a game plan

Planning is half the battle. When you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. They are clichés for a reason. They are tested and proven formulas that prevent artists in transcending from the world of anonymity into signing autographs and big deal contracts.

To do this, you need to establish a vision that is not too far but not too near either. Your dreams should be founded on reality with a dash of confidence. After the vision, you should know the ways on how to get to your aspirations in life. Be as specific as possible with the steps. If you can list the details on achieving your goals, it would be great.

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Invest in marketing yourself

indie musicYou should know that indie artists still need to advertise themselves in order to get gigs in restaurants, bars, and even concerts. The more popular you are with the general public, the easier it will be to perform live and on stage.
As indie artists, you might be tricked into thinking that all you have to do is to play your instrument and all will magically fall into place. But the truth is that only a few people get discovered this way. The usual route for indie artists is to market themselves.

For those who are just starting to make a name for themselves as indie artists, it would be safe to assume that you do not have a manager yet. To market yourself, you have to do advertising campaigns on print or on the radio. With the advent of new platforms of technology, you can also try to get sponsored ads for your music videos. Target the people who like the same genre of music that you write songs or create melodies about. You can also put ads on your blog or video streaming site. You can promote online shop discounts using NKD gutscheincode.

Do not give up

The first year is always the hardest. When you have invested all your time and effort into doing gigs and promoting yourself, you would expect that you will be successful by year two. But most of the time, it does not readily happen. Some famous musicians hit the big stage after only performing in the local scene for 5 to 10 years. The key here is not to give up on your dreams.